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Man, telling everyone what a Douche Bag you are is the best

Posted on: July 17, 2018 at 15:31:18 CT
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decision you ever made!

It is perfect for you, since you have to be among the biggest moron Douche Bag’s the world has ever seen, Lil Sis Corky U Tool 🤣!!

You went to Corky U & all you can do is call others “Corky,” because that’s obviously what you call each other at Bumfug Hoosier U & what everyone else calls you, lmao!

If you only knew how many of us are laughing at what a hapless, laughingstock, idiot, hick stooge you are 😆😂!

Please keep calling me “98!”

There can’t be a more beaten, bitter, butthurt, dumfuk pussy than you! There just can’t...🤣🤣🤣🤣!!

Gfy Loser Douche 😂! You are sooooo lost, dumb & beaten like the wimp Corky U Queer you are 😄😄!!

Here is how F’n lowest of low IQ stupid you are - the whole point of my mother aborting you, if by some impossible way you would actually be part of a light years more evolved & significantly higher class DNA, was that she is not pro abortion (i.e. “a Saint,” you lowly educated punk ass Idiot Clown!!), but would still abort such a filthy, valueless, worthless, dispicable, mutant waste of retardation like you, pig Asshat!!

Damn, whatever help you can find for “Imbeciles who clearly know what outclassed losers they are & are so insanely bitter & butthurt about it,” go get it ASAP!!

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