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First Scrimmage, no report

Posted on: August 13, 2017 at 08:35:32 CT
MoArk MU
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This morning, the P-D has an nice account of Illinois' first scrimmage, a take on Iowa's starting QB battle and even another look at MU basketball. All it has on the football Tigers is a limited rehash of last week's Q&A with Matter. I guess we have practice paranoia to thank for that. Do Mizzou coaches actually believe that other SEC teams are that obsessed with what MU is going to surprise them with? This is not Alabama. What closed practices & scrimmages succeed in doing in Columbia, Mo., is tamping down momentum that fans otherwise might generate leading up to the opening game. Allow us to develop some interest in your team, coaches, or you will be staring at thousands of empty seats again in 2017.
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First Scrimmage, no report - MoArk MU - 8/13 08:35:32
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