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So glad Drink proved me wrong...

Posted on: December 5, 2023 at 20:07:29 CT
Tiger4Life36 MU
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At the beginning of the season, I was feeling pessimistic. The start felt like another "here we go again" season, finishing 7-5 or 6-6 with a minor bowl. Lots of excuses about how we're moving in the right direction, but not there yet. Some impressive flashes of brilliance, but overall, a lackluster season. Been there done that. Drink holds on for another year, but no confidence in the future. Some transfers in the portal that leave us worried about what the roster will look like.

Instead, he wins the games we should win. He beats the heck out of several teams (Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas) on national TV. He wins some games in incredibly hard fought battles (K-State, Florida). He loses a couple of close ones against national brands (LSU, UGA). There are flashes of brilliance all over the place and we overcome the hump. National prominence. Restoration of pride. The sleeping giant awakens. We get to see Brady Cook slinging the ball all over the field and Cody Schrader exploding for huge gains. I grew up on a diet of Gary Pinkel teams so I'm spoiled. And so glad Drink can return us to that feeling of being insanely proud to be a Tiger. M-I-Z!

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