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SEC teams needing 2 wins today...

Posted on: May 22, 2022 at 09:25:17 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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This is a tough position to be in, history says it doesn’t happen much, but it is possible. Which of these 6 teams have a fighting chance?

TAMU won’t advance over 1 seed Oklahoma, obviously. They played a heroic game yesterday against OU in a 3-2 loss, but that probably just got the hosts angry.

Don’t see Miss St having a chance against 2 seed FSU either. They have done well fighting their way back through the losers bracket to get to today, after losing on Friday, but with an asterisk since USFs Corrick was injured. FSU will finish them off in game 1 today.

Ole Miss is very unlikely to advance against 5 seed UCLA, but they have also done well to fight their way back to get to today after losing on Friday. I could see them maybe stealing game 1 today, but they will not beat UCLA twice.

That leaves 3 teams, Georgia, Alabama and Missouri, as the best bets to win 2 today and advance to a super regional. Will any of them do it? I think it’s a decent chance 2/3 of them will. Just which ones?

Georgia is on the road, which makes it tougher for them. But they also lost Friday, 2-0 to Liberty, and have fought their way back through the losers bracket to get to today, including whipping Liberty yesterday, 7-2, in a rematch. They have a great hitting team, just don’t know how much their ace Kerpics can pitch today. She went 7 innings in the late win over Liberty last night. I can see Georgia sending this to a deciding game, and they have a shot to win both and advance.

Alabama has a decent shot too, playing at home against Stanford. But not if they can’t find a way to score, and not if Fouts is still in a funk (by her standards). Stanford has great pitching, don’t know if Vawter is the kind of pitcher who can throw 2 games today if needed. But she shut Bama down easily yesterday. If Bama can win game 1 I think all bets are off and they can advance. Good one to watch. So far, the best pitching team is in charge. And that’s Stanford. Fouts needs to reappear today.

Missouri also has a decent chance to advance, if they can just get the offense going. Our pitching has been lights out, and you have to have that to advance. Weber shut down a strong Arizona offense yesterday, she did her job. Nice we have 2 pitchers both hot at the same time, that’s what a team needs to win 2 games on Sunday. Playing at home will help too. I think we win game 1 and throw it to a deciding game, where anything can happen.

Going to be another great day for softball fans.
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