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Divisions or pods are meaningless if you don't play

Posted on: May 18, 2022 at 17:55:09 CT
DHighlander NWMSU
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everyone in them each year.

So if you do divisions you will play everyone in your division annually but the other division you would only see every four years, if you play nine conference games. That would also mean half the schools in your conference would only visit every eight years.

IMO with divisions you don't really have a conference. You have two conferences that agree to play one another on a rotating basis.

With pods you would have three 'rivals' you faced every year and still play every other pod on a three year rotation. That would still leave one available conference game while Keeping an eight game conference season. That would allow teams to still go out and play quality opponents in the non-con. With nine conference games I think many of those non-cons fall by the wayside.
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