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Our team identity. Someone posted below about that.

Posted on: April 7, 2021 at 10:51:37 CT
Lerxst MU
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Not sure what it is. I thought CM would be a defensive lockdown kind of coach - ala Tony Bennett at Virginia. I was ready to accept that concept - low scoring games with our defense winning us a few games. I'm not sure that's the case.

I'm also not sure what the identity of the team or program was, is or will be.
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Our team identity. Someone posted below about that. - Lerxst MU - 4/7 10:51:37
     all hat no cattle or mile wide inch deep......either works(nm) - TigerAlum91 MU - 4/7 15:08:16
     Sadly, our only identity is that if we are shooting well we - 4TigersinMichigan MU - 4/7 14:08:45
     He wanted to adopt a more NBA-like style when he came here - jlbomega MU - 4/7 11:40:08
     Thats one of several words in sports that has - GA Tiger MU - 4/7 11:15:52
          I tend to disagree - Baxter Forrest Twilight MU - 4/7 20:15:50
     Throw up 3's and miss. - Newcatbirdseat MU - 4/7 11:09:06
     At time, the defense was incredible - meatiger MU - 4/7 11:00:55
     I think he figured out that playing faster is better. - wu-tangtiger MU - 4/7 10:59:21
     3 pt shooting from sub 30% shooters (nm) - FIJItiger MU - 4/7 10:52:49

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