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Softball hitting stats...

Posted on: April 2, 2021 at 12:45:53 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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10 players are now starting regularly or sharing starts, only 9 can start each game:

George is hitting .521.

Laird is hitting .440 after her 4-5 game yesterday. Has to be one of the 3-4 best freshman in the SEC.

Wilmes is hitting .397 and Wert is hitting 358. Those 4 are leading the way. After that there is a drop off due to some slumps.

Honnold is at .328, she was hitting .400 after the 3/20 game at Georgia, since then she has gone 0-12, only played once against Auburn and didn’t play yesterday. Is she injured at all?

Kessinger is at .316, was at .403 after the ISU game on 3/13, then has gone 5-33. Back in the lineup yesterday and got a hit at DH.

Moore is hitting .315, Raabe .303. Then there is another drop off.

Bailey is hitting .274, but she is locked in, glad to see that finally. She was hitting .192 after the 3/21 Georgia game, since then has gone 7-10 with 8 walks to raise her average 82 points.

And Chaumont is hitting .270, and seems to be getting back to where she was before. She lost her RF job to George after struggling at the plate, but is swinging well now.

Imagine what this team would be doing offensively if we had a healthy Rollin starting every day. She is arguably the best all around hitter on the team with her combination of hitting for average, speed, and power.
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Softball hitting stats... - bluetiger_ MU - 4/2 12:45:53

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