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Yes, true aces and shut down pitchers exist...

Posted on: February 22, 2021 at 11:17:06 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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and no, we don’t have one, at least not at this point in the season. I think Krings is the one with the talent to become one, but the other 4 pitchers have their moments but have struggled at times. I almost have more confidence right now in Weber and Nichols than Schumacher, which is not good.

I really thought Megan would rise to the top and clearly be one of our two best pitchers, now, if you asked me, I’d want Krings to pitch in a must win game (even though she has the highest ERA on the team through two weekends), and I don’t think it matters who the next 3 pitchers would be, might as well just flip a coin. Havnt seen enough innings from Dandola to see where she fits in.

Most aces of other teams have really great strikeout to walks ratio. Going into yesterday our pitching staff had 22 SOs and 19 walks, not good at all. Playing a mediocre at best FAU team twice yesterday helped pad our pitching staff stats, and both Nichols and Weber struck out 6 and walked none in their respective starts, so now it stands at 34/19.

I was disappointed that LA didn’t bring in a really great pitching prospect in the 2022 class, we need to bring in at least one elite pitching prospect in every class, and hope several of them pan out.

No question about our ability to hit this year, and Rollin hasn’t been healthy enough to contribute much yet. When she is 100% this offense is really going to be great, she is arguably our best offensive talent with her speed, power, and hitting for average, and that's saying something for a lineup that includes Wilmes, Kessinger, Moore, Wert, etc.

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