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SEC softball, the good, bad and ugly...

Posted on: February 22, 2021 at 10:56:23 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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By my count, SEC teams are now 65-20 on the year. There have been 5 games though between conference teams so far, that won’t count in the SEC standings: Alabama beat LSU twice, SC split with Auburn, and Mizzou beat Ole Miss. So against other teams, the SEC is 60-15.

The highlights and lowlights.

SEC teams ranked in the top 25 are 2-3 against other top 25 teams:

Mizzou split with FSU
Arky beat Baylor and lost to Ok St
LSU lost to Duke

SEC teams ranked in the top 25 have lost 6 games against unranked teams:

Arky lost to McNeese St
We lost to IA St
Georgia lost to S. Alabama and Longwood
Miss St lost to SIU
Tennessee lost to Miami OH

Unranked SEC teams have lost 6 games to other unranked teams:

Ole Miss has lost to Troy, UAB, and IA St twice
TAMU has lost to Colorado St and Texas Tech

It’s a small sample so far, but my sense is Alabama and Florida are the first tier, although the Gators have been shaky in several games, barely beating Jacksonville 1-0 and GA Southern 2-1.

LSU is clearly overrated and not a top 10 team, no disgrace getting beat twice this weekend by Alabama, but the second game was a 13-5, five inning run rule pounding. Their vaunted pitching staff is less than advertised.

I would throw them into the second tier with, well, everyone else not named Ole Miss, TAMU and Auburn, although Auburn had a good weekend, splitting two 1 run games with top 25 SC.

Every team in that second tier has good talent but flaws already revealed. Yes, most would say a 9-0 Kentucky team is the best behind the top two, but they have played an awful schedule and the rest of their NC schedule is just as bad. They get an incomplete in my book until they play a team with a pulse, which won’t happen until conference games start.

Georgia, Tennessee, Mizzou, Miss St, SC, and Arky have all lost to unranked teams, Georgia twice. Those 6 teams, plus Kentucky and LSU, will finish in the 3-10 spots in the SEC, just don’t ask me where, because it would be a guess. Just a lot of parity after Alabama and Florida. Now, will LSU likely finish closer to 3rd than 10th? Sure. But it’s wide open after the top 2 teams. A real opportunity for Mizzou if our young pitching staff keeps improving and comes through.
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SEC softball, the good, bad and ugly... - bluetiger_ MU - 2/22 10:56:23
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          I’d add Tennessee to Georgia... - bluetiger_ MU - 2/23 07:30:20

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