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This is what happens when Dad micromanages the kids life

Posted on: February 20, 2021 at 09:23:57 CT
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I always think back to the CFB show that Kellen was on where his son was going to make his college commitment. In the commercial break before the announcement the other guy asked him where he was committing to and he said Washington. I guess his dad just blew up and told him he would’t sign the paperwork with the Huskies. They came back after break and junior said that he hadn’t made up his mind yet. For those keeping score at home, Dad wanted him to go to a school with a black head coach, or at the very least, a black OC. If kids aren’t allowed some input in the decision making process when they are young there is a very real possibility they may struggle with that as an adult. Understand, I’m not talking Liberal up bringing where it’s perfectly normal for a 10 year old to smoke weed or other non sense like that. But you need to work with them through the process of the bigger decisions in life. Ultimately, junior is responsible. But I’ll always remember watching and then reading about that entire deal and thinking to myself that trouble may be brewing there.
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     Some people are just bad people. - alwaysright MU - 2/20 06:33:42

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