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Say it's 2012 and what happened to Trump happened to Obama

Posted on: January 13, 2021 at 19:49:30 CT
OntheMark MU
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You know, voting stopped in the four key swing states, 95 percent voter turnout in inner cities, Obama leading by several hundred thousand votes when the counts and then when he wakes up in the mornign he is trailing in those states, more than 1,000 people sign sworn affidavits documenting the voter fraud they witnessed, the courts refuse to even review the evidence, the Democrats picked up several seats down ballot, etc., etc.

Now, pretend Obama gave that same speech word for word and we had a similar result with African Americans storming the capitol to demand justice. Somehow, I have a feeling there would be a different narrative.

The media - well now you know this is fiction becauae the media would have been on this story 24/7 since the day after the election to try to overturn the results in Obama's favor - would have labeled these people patriots and nominated the for Congressional Medals of Honor.
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