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Historically, we have won most of those recruiting battles

Posted on: January 13, 2021 at 12:36:09 CT
FIJItiger MU
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Think this is an accurate list:

Norm Stewart (MU)
Larry Drew (MU) - not sure on this, but I assume ku wanted him given that he was from Kansas
Jojo White (ku) - same as Drew only the inverse, I assume MU wanted him given he was from Missouri
Anthony Peeler (MU)
Chris Heller (MU)
Julian Winfield (MU)
Ryan Robertson (ku)
Travon Bryant (MU)
Thomas Gardner (MU)
Kalen Grimes (MU)
Travis Releford (ku)
Tyrel Reed (ku)
Jeremiah Tilmon (MU)

I know Jeff Carey's dad played for MU, but I don't think we ever recruited him in any capacity. I think Jeff Graves visited MU but we didn't offer. Although Leo Lyons was from Kansas I don't think they recruited him (although we did beat out Kentucky for him). Not sure if I missed anyone else . Other than maybe Tyrell Reed, I don't think I'd consider MU to have missed out on much. Obviously that doesn't include guys like Denmon or Dixon or Crudup either who were from KC but only MU recruited. And I'm not including ineligible players like Brandon Rush or Ben Mclemore that couldn't have played for MU, but would have gone to MU if they could.

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