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I was really impressed by TAMU...

Posted on: January 9, 2021 at 13:15:15 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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when they ground down a really good Kentucky team in the second half, winning by 17. Same thing with Tennessee taking down Arkansas. Granted, both winners were playing at home, which is a big advantage for most teams.

I wasn’t sure how TAMU would be after losing AA Chennedy Carter, but they look even stronger and deeper this year.

One thing that has struck me early in the SEC season is how much the gap in talent has gotten wider between Mizzou and the top 6 teams in the conference. During every one of Sophie’s 4 years, I never thought we didn’t have a chance to win a game, even against better competition, and we pulled off great upsets during those times over teams like SC, Miss St, and Tennessee. I just don’t feel that way with this years team.

If we do beat any of the top 6 teams in the SEC this year (the 5 currently ranked teams, plus Tennessee, who will be in the top 25 next week), I agree it would be Arkansas. They are not real disciplined and throw up shots any time they want. Losing only by 3 at their place should give us hope we can upset them later this season in Columbia.

But I don’t see us beating any of the other top 6, anywhere. Georgia will be tough too, but at least we get them at home.

I think we are headed for 9th place in the SEC at best this year. I had much higher hopes earlier, but didn’t realize how little we would get from Dufficy, Hansen, and Dickson.
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