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SEC WBB preview...

Posted on: December 22, 2020 at 12:42:13 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Just a few meaningless non conference games left before the SEC season starts next Wednesday. So here’s what the conference situation looks like, in order of the preseason coaches poll:

1. SC: 5-1 record, ranked #5 in the AP poll. Beat #23 Gonzaga, lost to #4 NC State (at home!), solid wins over Iowa St and South Dakota. Still the solid favorite to win the SEC, but they have been pushed in several games, havnt really dominated like you would expect a top 5 team to.

2. Kentucky: 7-1 record, #9 in the poll. Best win over #19 Indiana. Lost last week to #18 DePaul. No reason to think they won’t finish in the top 4 in the SEC.

3. TAMU: 8-0 record, ranked #10 nationally. Two good top 25 wins over 20 Texas and #18 DePaul. Had a scare last game and barely got by a decent Rice team 57-53. Looks like another top 4 team in the SEC. They have a dangerous first game against a talented Tennessee team.

4. Arkansas: 9-1 record, ranked #12. Got blown out by #14 Maryland, but got the best win by any SEC team in an upset of #7 Baylor. Also has a solid win over a surprisingly good Wake Forest team that is aging well. Not sure if they can break into the top 3 in the SEC, but should fight Miss St for 4th and a bye in the conference tourney. They open @ Kentucky, which should tell us more about if they are for real.

5. Miss St: 5-1 record, ranked #13, has beaten no one of significance, and lost to #20 USF. Not sure if they are really top 15 in the nation, and don’t see them breaking into the top 3 in the SEC. Tricky opener @ Georgia. A close game wouldn’t surprise me.

6. Tennessee: 5-1 record, not ranked but receiving some votes after a great road win last week over #19 Indiana. Their loss was on the road to West Virginia. Same team as always. Lots of talent and athleticism, but inconsistent.

7. LSU: The coaches missed on this prediction. They are 2-4, and would have been 1-5 if not for a big second half comeback against LMU. Think they are more likely in the bottom 5 teams in the SEC along with Ole Miss, Florida, Vandy and Auburn.

8. Alabama: 7-0 record, someone ranked them #23 in the country in the current poll. Havnt played any real good team yet. Best win was over Ok State 76-72. They open @ Mizzou. If we don’t beat them it’s going to be another long painful season here.

9. Georgia: 7-0 record, just outside the top 25, getting most votes of any team not in the top 25. Havnt been tested much, but had a nice win over a good GA Tech team. Not sure if they are for real or not. Let’s see if they can stay close to Miss St in their SEC opener.

10. Missouri. We all know this story. My perhaps overly optimistic view is that we are better than LSU and Bama, and will be fighting Tennessee and Georgia for the 6-8 slots in the conference standings, finishing a bit above the coaches expectations. The small sample of non conference games, with 4/5 against weak opponents, makes it hard to tell what’s going to happen this year. We have a great chance to get out to a 6-2 or maybe 7-1 record in the SEC. if we are only at 4-4 at the halfway point, we won’t finish with a .500 record and will miss the NCAAs.

11-14: Ole Miss, Florida, Vandy, Auburn. Who cares. This was predicted to be the bottom third of the conference and that’s about right. No good wins in non conference play against pretty weak schedules.

Overall the preseason predictions look pretty good, with the exception of LSU. I think the top 6 above are going to be locks for the NCAA tourney. The intrigue is going to be whether Georgia or Missouri can make it a 7 or 8 bid conference.

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SEC WBB preview... - bluetiger_ MU - 12/22 12:42:13

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