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Posted on: December 21, 2020 at 15:16:12 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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I guess it’s both good and bad that we are playing 16 more matches, so between the fall and spring we are playing all of the other 12 teams in the conference twice in a 24 game season, as opposed to playing an 18 game season. At least it guarantees us 2 matches against all the better teams in the SEC. Downside is we play all the weaker teams twice, which harms our chances to get an at large bid to the NCAA tournament.

Problem of course is that there just aren’t that many “better” teams in the SEC to begin with. We already blew 2 good chances for signature wins in the fall against Kentucky. And now we have to play Florida on the road in the spring, which will be really tough. Like you, wish we could have got them here in Columbia.

SC is going to be tough on the road too, they were probably the most improved team this fall. Tennessee will be tough too. Glad we got TAMU, Georgia and LSU at home at least. And TAMU looked awful in the fall compared to their expectations, I will be shocked if they are even ranked in the top 25 prior to the spring season starting. Huge fall for them.

The problem is of course going to be building an NCAA bid resume in an overall weak conference. Fighting for one of only 16 at large bids instead of the normal 32 complicates that further.

Finally, I’m pretty certain LMM is long gone, has left the team, not just opted out of the fall. At least that’s what some volleyball forums say. I don’t think she’s ever wearing the Mizzou uniform again. I’d be pleasantly pleased if I’m wrong about that.

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