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Boy, you sure have to hand it to Hollywood - there they were

Posted on: November 21, 2020 at 22:26:35 CT
TrumpToRushmore MU
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rolling along in a multi-billion dollar industry and the Covid19, which CDC statistics say has killed almost no one and is literally not the least bit dangerous - COMPLETELY SHUTS DOWN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY.

Weird huh?

Normally when BILLIONS of dollars are at stake, pragmatic business people find a way to get back to work.

But not the movie-making industry, they're GONE GONE - like smoking hole in the ground gone.

And no one even seems to have noticed.

Weird, huh?

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Boy, you sure have to hand it to Hollywood - there they were - TrumpToRushmore MU - 11/21 22:26:35
     Statistically no one has died? - markymarksthirdnipple STL - 11/21 22:49:27
          No, they haven't dummy. Your 'analysis' of the data - TrumpToRushmore MU - 11/21 22:50:21
     No new porn films coming out of California then? (nm) - JeffB MU - 11/21 22:40:42
          Honestly CGI is best when it leverages or mimicks the - TrumpToRushmore MU - 11/21 22:33:45
               What are they supposed to do? They can't get financing - TigerMatt STL - 11/21 22:38:15
                    The streaming platforms are hotter than ever - billions of - TrumpToRushmore MU - 11/21 22:43:46
               I suspect they know some things you and I don't. Maybe - jonesin - 11/21 22:37:40

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