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People say Ames IA is hard to recruit to but yet 36k student

Posted on: November 21, 2020 at 18:23:26 CT
McMuffin VANDY
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body at Iowa State. Larger than Mizzou, larger than University of Iowa, larger than OU, certainly larger than KSU or Ok State etc.

Ames for whatever reason always ranks high on most liveable towns and best college towns lists.

Yes I know they draw kids from Chicago but those kids can go anywhere. Mizzou does the same thing and yes we probably have somewhat higher admissions standards or tuition but let’s be real it can’t be that much higher.

It ain’t Mecca but I am tired of the poor little Ames it is so hard to get players there crap. You put a gun to high school athlete’s heads and say hey you have to live in either Ames Stoolwater or Mancrappin and Ames will get a majority vote.
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People say Ames IA is hard to recruit to but yet 36k student - McMuffin HERD - 11/21 18:23:26
     It’s nicknamed “Lames” for a reason - Grasslands MU - 11/22 09:04:59
     Done work there several times. Nice place. No issues (nm) - TigerFan92 STL - 11/21 22:52:45
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                    But they gotta pay. - colonel angus beef KC - 11/21 18:42:50
                    That is what eggs and mcmuffin is for(nm) - meatiger MU - 11/21 18:37:42

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