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The facts have not changed. Not only do you have to win

Posted on: November 19, 2020 at 20:57:38 CT
alwaysright MU
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but you have to win consistently enough that you create an expectation of winning.
Mizzou has not had consecutive good seasons in years. ‘10 & ‘13 were not bad years but they we’re pretty average, did not come anywhere close to sustaining the success of the previous year, and included numerous WTF losses that simply drain the fanbase.

The measure of a good season is no longer 20 wins, it is single-digit losses.
You can win 20 games and lose 12 or 13. That’s pretty damn mediocre.
But if you finish the season with only nine losses, you are going to have 25 to 28...possibly more...wins, and that is a good season.

If Missouri can put together two or three consecutive seasons of 24 to 25 wins, you will see them start to sell out a dozen plus games a year and average attendance will skyrocket. Because at that point the fans will feel like they have a chance to see a win every single night versus feeling like they are waiting for the bottom to fall out
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