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Looks like a decent class on paper...

Posted on: November 14, 2020 at 07:26:21 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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And the size is very different from the Kreklow years where Mizzou became known as Transfer U.

I wouldn’t say 6 highly rated players though. Only 4 were in the rankings, at 37, 45, 116, and 145, and two were not ranked.

Glad to see two middle blockers at 6’2 and 6’4, we could use some size there, although one was not ranked and one was the 145.

We really need some depth in the fall 2021 season, and this should help. The question here, and at many other schools, is how do you fit the freshman class in since the NCAAs wrongheaded decision to give everyone an extra year of eligibility. This is going to be a critical storyline playing out over the next several years.

The core of this team, if the 3 seniors all come back in the fall of 2021, is Deberg, Omazic, and DHS, Dixon, Fuentes, and Brown, who has been really good so far. I’ll be interested to see which of these 6 freshmen get significant playing time in 2021, along with those 6 returnees mentioned. I think we can use an upgrade at several current starting positions, hopefully several of these freshmen can do that.

Man I miss LMM. I wonder what happened there, her abrupt leaving was very strange.
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