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VB back at it tonight against Arky...

Posted on: November 4, 2020 at 09:55:41 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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at home, 5pm today and 6pm tomorrow. Arky is 4-0 this fall but only because they have played woeful Miss St and Ole Miss teams, and had to go 5 sets in both the Miss St games. They were supposed to be in the bottom half of the SEC and thats where they belong. They will leave town Thursday 4-2 after we beat them twice. The only question is will we have any kind of hangover after not being competitive in the last 2 sets of both Kentucky losses.

It was disappointing to not at least get a split with a really good Kentucky team, playing at home. We were just one swing away from going up on UK 2-0 in the first match, and then went downhill after that. I don’t know if we just lost confidence or got tired or what. Of course it didn’t help losing Omazic early and with LMM and Hollingswort both at less than 100%. Deberg was clearly exhausted in the last two sets of the second match, and had one of her poorest hitting matches of her career here, hitting just .186 on 43 attacks. The last 2 sets against UK we hit as a team .000 and .185. You arent going to win many matches hitting like that. The only bright spot in the second UK loss was the transfer, Dixon, who hit .357 on 28 swings. After her the bottom fell out, with Sauer hitting an anemic .148 on 27 swings and a still not 100% LMM hitting .071 on 14 swings.

On the year in 4 matches Dixon has been consistent and shows a powerful swing, and is hitting .318 on 110 attacks. Deberg is hitting .296 on 162 attacks but faded badly in tbe last UK match. After that it’s a huge drop off with Sauer hitting just .217 on 106 attacks. We need LMM healthy and back in tbe starting lineup in the worst way.

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VB back at it tonight against Arky... - bluetiger_ MU - 11/4 09:55:41

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