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If the emails were not real any rational person would immedi

Posted on: October 17, 2020 at 21:32:54 CT
JeffB MU
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ately call them out as fake news. Instead, both Joe & Hunter Biden go radio silent. They could easily be disproven if they are fake.

Then too, at least one person in the email chain verified those emails as true.

And they've matched up some of the dates and events with what was on the emails. That's a little bit of corroborating evidence.

Joe's backtracking on Burisma is also telling.

re: "whether it just confirms that Hunter's a POS without a direct tie-in to Joe"

Given what was in the emails that seems rather unlikely. In the email to his daughter Hunter claims Joe was taking half of his salary. That would be pretty unusual for a Senator to require of a grown son living on his own, no?
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