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There is no Covid19.

Posted on: October 17, 2020 at 20:18:51 CT
TrumpToRushmore MU
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You are hopelessly brainwashed.

Sadly, the majority of the population shares your fate.

Like the little fishes in Lake Tanganyika, you swim away from shadows cast on the lake floor, right into the fisherman's net.

Keep wearing your mask.

Keep social distancing.

Watch 8-12 hours of mainstream news a day and read all the major national newspapers.

Oh, and keep yourself under house arrest as much as you can.

Do all this and you MIGHT survive.

But probably not.

The non-existent Covid19 is coming.

It's super contagious with a lethality of 99.7 percent.

If you're over 60 you're likely already dead.

So get tested multiple times per day.

Get vaccinated as much as you can.

Stay safe - because the non-existent Covid19 is coming.

Nothing will stop it...
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