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On the surface it doesn't look good for the FBI. A couple

Posted on: October 17, 2020 at 19:43:49 CT
BH O'bonga MU
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things though. We know that the FBI collected the laptop from the repairman/whistleblower under Grand Jury subpoena. We also know from other reporting that there is a criminal investigation into matters relating to the data found on the laptop. I'm not an attorney, but if memory serves the contents or data could not be shared with the White House or anyone else for that matter, because it is evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation. Until charges are filed, the information or data must be held under wraps.
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     On the surface it doesn't look good for the FBI. A couple - BH O'bonga MU - 10/17 19:43:49
          Prediction: repairman gets indicted nm - pinkman MU - 10/17 20:36:44
               No indictment and he won't even be sued civilly by the Biden - BH O'bonga MU - 10/17 20:39:07
                    Good point nm - pinkman MU - 10/17 20:43:23
          Another problem for the FBI is how slow they were to get - JeffB MU - 10/17 20:23:14
               I think the delay was due to concerns over custody, ownershi - BH O'bonga MU - 10/17 20:35:44

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