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In all fairness Gibbs was a decent coach that inherited a

Posted on: October 17, 2020 at 19:22:20 CT
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team under probation yet was still able to win, but not enough wins for Sooners, so they fired him and hired Schnellenberger, who was horrible, then they hired Blake who was a player's best friend. And was even know to let the players watch him press weights instead of having them press weights. But all the players liked him so he recruited really well. After they fired Blake, Stoops took over a loaded team that just needed a coach.
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     OU wasn’t a good when he took over - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/17 18:36:05
          In all fairness Gibbs was a decent coach that inherited a - MU-TULSA MU - 10/17 19:22:20
          Right, but their recruiting classes especially Blake were - tigertix MU - 10/17 18:39:22
               Blake is like the only losing coach in their entire history - North co-co champs MU - 10/17 19:16:12
     Not quite -Bob Stoops is the only coach to win - Genco98 MU - 10/17 18:36:05
          Tigerboard doesn't do coaches well. nm. - MUTGR MU - 10/17 19:05:52
          Look at the criteria then re-post....nm - tigertix MU - 10/17 18:40:26
               I have no clue what you are talking about - Genco98 MU - 10/17 18:56:36
                    Ok, I'll type slower for you, Booby came into a blue blood - tigertix MU - 10/18 07:37:15
                         No I don't the guy was tremendous coach - Genco98 MU - 10/18 13:32:05
                         That’s not true about Bob - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/18 08:44:07
                              Exactly - won a NC won the Rose Bowl - Genco98 MU - 10/18 14:12:57

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