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2 big factors here

Posted on: October 13, 2020 at 21:23:24 CT
wu-tangtiger MU
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What impact does Covid have on pro leagues.

There’s already talk the NBA teams are going to go with the draft and stash approach in this draft in effort to save money. Some guys that would leave for the pros may not due to uncertainty.

Second factor is NIL. Can some of these guys market themselves so that they can make a good amount on top of their scholarship? If so maybe some come back. Also the more that return the better the college game gets.
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This season won’t count towards eligibility - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/13 17:42:18
     So some players could end up playing 5 full seasons of - tgr MU - 10/13 19:36:21
          I wonder if it protects the NCAA from a player getting sick - CoolBreeze22 MU - 10/13 22:06:58
     It seems like they really had no other choice, I wouldn't - CoolBreeze22 MU - 10/13 18:43:50
          Stinks for the guys coming in. I don't hink you need - Tiger Tim MU - 10/13 19:55:52
               we need as many that can play as we can get - Jeff85 MU - 10/13 19:57:58
          That would be good news for Mizzou if they did - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/13 18:53:29
               Exactly. I think them coming back would lead to enough wins - CoolBreeze22 MU - 10/13 18:58:32
     More interesting is that FB/BB get 1 free transfer - DrViagra MU - 10/13 18:15:03
          so most of ours will probably leave then - Jeff85 MU - 10/13 19:55:42
               LOL.... that is fine! Much more interested in young kids - DrViagra MU - 10/13 19:58:52
          Be interesting to see how many seniors return - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/13 18:47:28
               I agree. Who though? No Tilmon... Mitchell? - DrViagra MU - 10/13 20:00:28
                    2 big factors here - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/13 21:23:24

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