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RE: Watching alot of highlight clips lately, Laurence Bowers

Posted on: October 12, 2020 at 08:03:48 CT
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After his junior season, Bowers spent the summer of 2011 working on his game in his hometown of Memphis. He worked out individually with Arlyn and played on a team where his uncle made him the point guard.

The emphasis was to develop perimeter skills that would help him reach the NBA. Bowers declared for the draft that spring in order to get feedback from the league.

"What he learned over that summer the world hadn't seen. He was geared up," Arlyn Bowers said. "He got used to bringing the ball up, distributing and doing all the things point guards do. He was ready to come back and show everyone."

Arlyn also worked with his nephew on defending smaller players. Bowers said his uncle was one of the most ferocious defenders he's ever seen. That rubbed off as Bowers became a four-time defensive player of the year in high school.

But the unveiling of the new skills at Mizzou was placed on hold after Bowers went high for a pass in practice and landed awkwardly
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