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You’d be missed directed to compare our reading comprehensio

Posted on: October 8, 2020 at 13:59:56 CT
Macgrantt MU
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But I do apologize to my last post to you. I’m so used to you never saying anything that reflects an iota of intelligence that I didn’t fully give you the reaction you deserved. Again my apologies.

Yes, it’s not far from its all time high. Have a good day driving around as you accumulate your 40,000 miles a year.
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     25 percent more and it will get back to its high last year(nm) - TigerFan92 STL - 10/8 09:06:54
          It was at 99 when I first mentioned it, that’s more than 25% - Macgrantt MU - 10/8 09:58:25
               you have a severe reading comprehension problem. I would not - TigerFan92 STL - 10/8 10:48:58
                    You’d be missed directed to compare our reading comprehensio - Macgrantt MU - 10/8 13:59:56
                         thanks Gyro's other handle(nm) - TigerFan92 STL - 10/8 14:08:43
                              There you go, regressing into being overtly ignorant. - Macgrantt MU - 10/8 14:19:50
                                   You'll have to forgive him, as with most right wing nutties - Gyro MU - 10/14 09:38:52
                                   yer a nutbag(nm) - TigerFan92 STL - 10/13 09:17:09
                         Your new boyfriend, SuxJohnson, seems to have a calming - Emoji Man MSU - 10/8 14:05:17

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