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I agree. It's about turnovers. Coaches hate them. HATE

Posted on: October 8, 2020 at 11:01:04 CT
sprintcar STL
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them. They don't trust their guys to take care of the ball and not force up bad shots. They want to control the ball and run their structured offense where everyone knows what shots should be taken.

Sadly they're probably right. It probably gives them the best chance to win on a regular basis. And W/L is what they're all about. But man it can be boring to watch. When was the last time a Mizzou player threw down a memorable dunk? There haven't been many for a while.

Carolina is usually fun to watch simply because Roy doesn't tie them down. They get it and go do something, even if it's not always good. I guess he generally has enough talent to make more good plays than bad.
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