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Klieza interview

Posted on: October 6, 2020 at 08:50:55 CT
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Linas Kleiza - openly about the loud youth mistakes, his wife as the most expensive investment, and Romanov's offer

The show started with a public basketball player’s wife’s question, which with a dose of sarcasm asked, how does a man who loses a tennis match to his wife feel? "No, it doesn't always happen that I always lose, but I've broken a couple of rackets already. She is smaller, easier for her, and I am not yet in perfect physical shape, it is difficult for me to catch the ball afterwards, ”smiles the basketball player and then asked another well-known woman - R. Mackevičius' wife Ieva Mackevičienė, who asked if Linas had white moccasins in the closet. ? This question caused L. Kleiza to laugh. "I had them as soon as I started meeting my future wife. I came back from America, all dressed up with all sorts of Gucci, I see that I don't like it. Only Arabs and Russians are sitting with such, wife laughing at me. Since then, both white and red moccasins have ended, ”the basketball player smiled about his experiments with fashion.

He said he met his future wife, Agneta, in 2011. "Of course, I was hunted," laughs the show's interlocutor. - But we met my wife very simply, it was the opening of Pabo Latino's yard, it seems. We spent the whole day with a friend somewhere by the lake, I wasn’t even normally dressed, with a polo shirt set, jeans. I walked in and saw her. Rolandas Skaisgirys was standing next to her, so I found access to her. It was a very difficult acquaintance, it took a long time for us to find a common language, because I didn't have that in mind at the time. She was as adamant as she could, me too. After that, we started making friends, we divorced, I went to the NBA, and then the next summer, when I came back, we tied up, ”L. Kleiza opened.

"Forever"? R. Mackevičius asked. “I hope so. Divorce is not cheap. You know how they say: sex is cheap, love is expensive. Haven't you heard such a saying? Love is very precious, "said the basketball player. After talking about money, R. Mackevičius asked about the first contract of a basketball player, which appeared to him with a huge reward. "It was already in the NBA when I got over a million dollars, but in the US I pay almost half the amount, I wanted to buy two or three more cars," Kleiza laughs.

He said the NBA is working hard for the well-being of the players, has professionals who advise young basketball players on how not to let all the money downwind, how not to lose it and what to do with it. “It’s very difficult, imagine, you give an 18-19 year old teenager 100 million, as for some, it’s hard not to make mistakes. There aren’t many basketball players who would have spent all their money, this is usually due to a bad investment. There are a lot of people around who want to help, to make a profit, those who look at the basketball player like a fool. Now, even a couple of famous players are suing their financial advisors, whom they have trusted for a lifetime, and these have turned 80 million away from each other. Understand that it’s challenging and good to play on the field, and to manage with finances, and yet with attention to everything the superstars get. It’s people who really make mistakes. There, life is different, culture is different, the pressure to have a private plane, luxury homes and cars, to maintain a certain level. However, the more you earn, the more you spend, ”says Kleiza. During the show, he told about the call of Vladimir Romanov, the owner of Ūkio bankas, who had now gone bankrupt.

Asked if the basketball player had successfully invested his own money somewhere, Kleiza instantly replied that yes, and his most successful investment was in his wife. "It's a very rewarding and never-ending investment. The son is still growing, he also has desires, ”says Kleiza. Another issue took the basketball player back to the past, in 2007, as most viewers of the show asked how it really was with that bottle of Sprite, when Kleiza pushed out the legendary phrase "We don't drink personally." “It simply came to our notice then. It was very simple. The night before we had celebrated, won bronze medals, we were in Madrid. We seriously celebrated, and in the morning - a call. Invited for breakfast. It started with breakfast and we started. With songs, with everything. After all, the championship is over. But I didn’t count the time. The whole plane was celebrating, and the fans were there too. With us, things were like this: no one drinks while the tournament is going on. Anyway, that summer was hard for me, I had done everything. The paparazzi had photographed urinating. There was a workout on Sunday, I don’t have clothes, the coaches are angry. Then I found out there are photos taken and it was hardest for my mom to say it would appear in the newspaper. She cried, she was ashamed. There was a meeting later, the coaches wanted to throw me out but didn’t throw me out.

After the tournament was a success, I played well. And then we flew back. I gave that interview, then the next day I watched it. Somehow he got very stuck for everyone, but I didn't say anything very much there, "Linas smiles. When asked by the spectator what the first three most expensive purchases were after the basketball player got rich, L. Kleiza said that one of them was really a car. He said Bentley, which cost him about $ 350,000. dollars and was collected by hand, was also one of his worst purchases, and, having traveled just 3,000 kilometers, decided to sell it. The interlocutor of the show says that he has not been earning from basketball for a long time. Working as a coach requires a lot of patience and he sees that in training his offspring. “I live from my wife now, I am a dependent (laughs). And I really live off the investment, I do a lot of things. I don’t build a business, I don’t care. But I invest in other smart people who build businesses, ”Kleiza said.

At the end of the show, Lin had the traditional task of calling a friend. What proposal did L. Kleiza make to his brother Lavrinovičius, who was recently involved in the scandal with Erica and Jurgis Didžiulis? You can see the full interview about the behind-the-scenes of the competition, the mood in the locker rooms, the team cementers, as well as the stories from childhood, when I had to live with my grandparents and be expelled from school.
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