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Goals are just goals...

Posted on: September 28, 2020 at 15:33:25 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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I hope their goal every year (some years it’s more realistic than others) is to get to the WCWS.

What do you think they will do? Will they get a home regional and if so, what kind of seed?

For position players we have a great core with Wilmes, Rollin, Wert, Kessinger, and Moore. I’d put those 5 up against pretty much any other top 5 in the SEC. What’s going to make this team very good to great instead of merely good depends on upgrades at the other 4 positions, and of course pitching. And that involves a lot of really young players.

3/4 of the infield is up for grabs, with Wert at 3B the only certainty, plus one OF position. We really need kids like Frizell, Laird, and Nicholson ready to start and contribute from day 1. All three could fill out the infield in addition to Wert. The last OF position will have a cast of thousands vying for it with our bloated roster, anyone’s guess what player or two rises to the top. Chaumont looked like a real gamer last fall, but LA brought in so much talent the last two years, don’t be surprised to see someone else out there too. And where does Deters fit in? She was a great get transferring in from Kentucky, but where does she play? Does she back up Moore for at least a year? Or get into the lineup some other way.

The real difference maker will of course be pitching, as it always is. True freshman Krings and repeat freshman Schumacher have the best pure talent and could develop into a devastating 1-2 punch, with Weber and Nichols giving us critical depth. Dandola is a real wild card who could make this staff crazy good if she regains her freshman at Hofstra stuff.

If the elite freshmen position players are the real deal, along with Krings, this team will comfortably get a home regional and a seed in the 10-12 range. Anything less and we are probably looking at anywhere from 16-22 in the nation, maybe sneaking into a home regional, maybe not.

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