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Where NCAA VB is now heading...

Posted on: September 19, 2020 at 14:08:54 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Spring season starting on January 22, ending by April
10, selection for the NCAA tournament April 11.

The tournament field will be reduced from 64 to 48 teams, with the same 32 conference champions but now only 16 at large bids instead of 32.

And, any conferences that play matches this fall, as the SEC is planning to do at this point, those matches will count and be considered to be in the body of work that the selection committee considers on April 11 when making at large selections and seeding decisions.

Some big implications for Mizzou, if we in fact play this fall (a big if). And if we in fact play in the spring, another big if. Our 2 matches against Kentucky are going to be critical, need to at least split. The other 3 teams we are scheduled to play this fall don’t help our tourney resume at all. We also need to hope we get Florida, TAMU, and LSU on our spring schedule, preferably twice each. Because with only 16 at large selections, there is not much margin of error, we need lots of opportunities for signature wins, and the SEC is just not that deep.

We also need to hope that the pandemic situation is at the point in late January to March where we can play some high profile non conference matches. The B1G and PAC 12 are going to eat up a good chunk of the available at large bids as usual. I’m assuming either Kentucky or Florida wins the SECs automatic bid. We could take the drama out of it by just winning the conference.
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Where NCAA VB is now heading... - bluetiger_ MU - 9/19 14:08:54
     playing in spring will be real tough for ADs - MizzouAstro MU - 9/19 14:14:51

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