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Infield is shaping up really strong...

Posted on: September 15, 2020 at 08:10:35 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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which is not surprising considering LA puts a high priority focus on defense.

If we play in 2021, I think we will see a very different infield.

We played 25 games this year, and for the first 17 we were pretty locked into:

1B Raabe
2B Bailey
SS Rollin
3B Wert

Until Rollins defense became intolerable, at which point we basically moved her to DH, moved Wert over to SS (where she was not spectacular, but was solid), and moved mostly Moll into 3B.

In 2021 the only IF position that is a lock is Wert at 3B. Rollin will be DH, or somewhere else, but definitely not in the infield. I believe that Frizell will be a contender to replace Raabe at 1B, even as a freshman. And Laird or Nicholson will be at SS, probably Laird. A huge upgrade defensively over Rollin. And I believe someone, Nicholson or others, will give Bailey a tough run at 2B. Bailey is solid defensively but is still somewhat of a liability at the plate.

There may be other players who also step up and challenge for IF playing time. Then you add Daly in 2022, likely 2B as suggested in this thread.

Our starting IF in 2021 is going to look nothing like it did in 2020.

Wilmes and Kessinger are of course locks for 2 of the 3 OF positions, as is Moore at catcher.

Going to be a tough job for LA to get playing time spread around to all the great young talent in our bloated freshman class. Not a bad problem to have though.
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