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VB season seems reasonable given the virus situation...

Posted on: August 27, 2020 at 15:59:21 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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It’s going to be a glorified fall exhibition “season” anyways, with no NCAA tournament, only 4 conferences playing, and the best 2 conferences (by far) sidelined.

Conference matches only, 8 conference matches instead of 18, and each team only plays 4 of the other 12 teams, with 4 weekends of doubleheader’s, two at home and two on the road.

Smart schedule by the SEC, limits the players chances of getting sick by severely limiting the trips and teams you face. And nothing starts until October 16, 7 weeks from now, giving plenty of time to see how bad the case rates will get on every SEC campus and taking that into account in terms of playing at all. Smart, health conscious approach.

And still lets Mizzou participate in a truncated spring 2021 season and some kind of NCAA tournament, if the public health conditions then allow it.

My hope now is the SEC divides the teams into general pods as much as possible, like the ACC. Although not just by geography. I’d rather see us playing teams like Florida, Kentucky, TAMU etc who are in the top half of the conference. No reason to waste time playing matches against the bottom dwellers In the middle of a pandemic. Although since the matches don’t count for anything, I guess it doesn’t matter.

This could be good news, or not, for our loaded senior class. Nothing this fall counts for anything eligibility wise, but I’m not clear about the spring (if it happens). I’ve heard rumors that an NCAA tournament in the spring could be limited in the number of teams.

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