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Depends on how much the general public learns about

Posted on: August 1, 2020 at 22:33:02 CT
RayKinsella1922 MU
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what Obama was.

He was certainly a made creature in so many ways.

Definitely not a normal human by any stretch, more like a super-articulate mind attached to to a destroyed soul.

The whole idea of a 'black president' is of course repugnant.

Just as much as the idea of a 'white president' is laughable.

I'd vote for Thomas Sowell in a heartbeat because he's a next level mind - I don't give a shyte about the color of his skin.

But you're right, unfortunately mainstream America is about 50-100 IQ points below where they should be to elect a president, and so your question is in fact relevant.

My answer: it damages the chances, but that damage is lessened the more the general public find out who Obama was - he certainly was no 'African-American'...

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