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Rask, ya dumbshyte - we know EXACTLY what you are -

Posted on: August 1, 2020 at 16:14:53 CT
RayKinsella1922 MU
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the very worst kind of middle class liberal.

Thinking you can somehow engineer a better world through government handouts - handouts which destroy initiative in both the lower and middle classes.

It's not the job of the United States Government to function as a Gestapo Charity - other countries with next to no FREEDOM have that- but not the United States of America.

By the time you and your idiot friends are done, the United States of America will look EXACTLY like Estonia and any reasonable amount of freedom on this Earth will be over.

Our job is to take larval forms of Free Citizenry such as yourself and either graduate you to fully functioning specimens or exterminate should you become noxious to the host.

We all hope you'll reach chrysalis but if not, we're happy to move on to the next batch...

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