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With the SEC football announcement yesterday...

Posted on: July 31, 2020 at 11:36:26 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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it’s hard to imagine the VB season won’t follow the same concept, only conference games, and the season not starting until the last week of September. That would mean opening the season on Wednesday Sept 23 at home against Florida, followed by Miss St on Sunday Sept 27 in Starkville.

The late start is controversial. Apparently it is both to give the SEC states, most all who are having bad numbers, a chance to flatten their curves and bring new infections (which of course lead to more hospitalization, which is followed by more deaths) under control; and to allow time to see what the impact of bringing 30-40,000 students back to campus will have on the infection rates. But there are probably no right answers at this point. Only options with bad consequences, and worse ones.

I’m much less optimistic at this point that there will even be a VB season. And even if it starts that late, the chances of finishing it are probably slim and none.

The impact on this years team, from purely a fans perspective, is this squad has arguably one of the strongest senior classes ever, and a cancelled season or a truncated season (like softball), will bring back the debate over extending eligibility or not. In Mizzou’s case, no season or a limited season, if the seniors are granted an extra year of eligibility, and all decide to return for it (not a given by any means), would avoid what would surely be a down year in 2021.

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