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Our firm hosted an event at Fox Run, in St Louis

Posted on: July 31, 2020 at 10:01:53 CT
jumbo73 MU
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many years ago to raise money for the athletic fund. Norm was the featured attendee and played golf with various of the 28-30 alums at the event.

I had the incredible honor of having dinner that evening with Norm and his wife, Virginia. Lots of wine and good steaks. The conversation was enlivened by a partner of mine who is an incredible collector of both stories and memorabilia related to all things St. Louis sports scene. Especially interesting were the conversations about St. Louis high school basketball talent at that time (Sumner, Beaumont, Bill Bradley etc) and, most entertaining, stories about both the St. Louis Hawks and the Spirits of St. Louis.

Norm is one of the most engaging and down-to-earth notable people I've ever met. Will always recall that evening.
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