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If we play, and I sure hope we do, this might be the

Posted on: July 30, 2020 at 22:32:35 CT
Ozland Tiger LSU
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most interesting season we may ever see again in our lifetimes. Absent knowing who will start at QB for Missouri I am looking forward to seeing the highly regarded Missouri football team we all should have seen last year.

Teams respond well to coaches with strong organizational and leadership skills and Missouri if they play will be no exception. You want to see where your program stacks up against the conference? You will know this year. While I am no Missouri fan....I will say....MIZ-SEC and a tip of my cap in respect to a proud Mizzou program and fans.
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If we play, and I sure hope we do, this might be the - Ozland Tiger LSU - 7/30 22:32:35
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