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RE: Anyone know why Nesbitt wasnt even offered by MU?

Posted on: July 27, 2020 at 08:40:02 CT
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I don't think it has been reported, so its just speculation. Probably one of two reasons. Either Nesbitt had no interest in Mizzou and was clear about it, so the staff is not wasting time and resources for a player they can't get. Or cm definitely looks for a certain player they have to be tough and play defense. Maybe he doesn't fit that mold. My guess is probably a little bit of both.

My issue with recruiting with the staff is not this situation but offering guys like Brooks and akins from Michigan when it's unlikely we have a shot to land them we need to go get a guy like Bates, Joplin or keita.

Bates we were in on early for the last couple years and has shown mutual interest a top 100 talent. Joplin and Keita are more around the 150 range but have a lot of potential. Realistic options imo but also guys that you can build a foundation on a program around

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