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The second class was actually really good as well

Posted on: July 23, 2020 at 17:37:04 CT
wu-tangtiger MU
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I include transfers in that consideration.
Mark, Dru and X are all major players.

2019 and 2017 looked good on paper but injuries to 2017 and transfers from 2019 made them way less successful than they would look.

I didn’t mind the strategy for 2020, even if it didn’t work. I would still take that approach going forward. Make sure you hit your numbers to fill needs. Then go after so elite guys that you have relationships with.

Going into 2020 they had 1 senior post, and got that. We will see if their evaluation was right on Wilmore.

2021 has way more needs so we see the coaches going after the type of recruits that they passed on in 2020.
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