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Was in Vegas last week and played some poker (trip report)

Posted on: July 22, 2020 at 16:25:36 CT
OntheMark MU
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I have a son who goes to UNLV and went to visit him. Things are still far from normal there. Crowds way down, only three to a blackjack table, many casinos (Tropicana, Park, Mirage e.g.) still closed completely and most restaurants closed. No sports betting to speak of (thought that is changing with NBA, baseball and hockey starting). If they do not get a vaccine in place in the next six months they are going to be in a world of hurt.

Anyway, I like to play poker in the evenings when I go because it is hard to lose a lot of money at that. I usually play at the Bellagio but they had a wait list like 20 long. So I played at the MGM. I was there Monday-Wednesday and Monday was the only time I saw the room even open Play was six handed with plexiglass between each spot and masks required. I didn't mind that as much as I minded this in a 1-2 no limit game:

Dealt A-5. Pot was raised to $15 before me so I called. Flop comes out 5-5-J giving me a set. I bet $40 and one guy calls. Turn is a blank so I bet $50 and he calls again. At this point I am putting him on A-J. Flop comes an ace give me fives full of aces. He goes all in (I had him covered by like $40) and I instacall. He has a pocket pair of Jacks giving him a higher full house.

Ugh. I thought I had a stranglehold on that hand and was behind the whole way. Even if I went all in on the flop he would have had me beat. Weird hand. Weird trip.

I feel sorry for the kids in college. Supposed to be the best time of your life. My son turned 21 on April 2 and could not even go out to a casino or bar until June (I know there are far greater tragedies in life). They were looking forward to watching UNLV play at the new Raiders' stadium, and now they are not likely to play at all.
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Was in Vegas last week and played some poker (trip report) - OntheMark MU - 7/22 16:25:36
     If you really put him on AJ then you should have folded. (nm) - MrBlueSky MU - 7/23 20:33:32
          RE: If you really put him on AJ then you should have folded. (nm) - OntheMark MU - 7/23 20:43:02

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