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Mizzou transfer pitchers over the years...

Posted on: July 11, 2020 at 10:19:44 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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I think this is an exhaustive list starting around 2007-08, but someone correct me if I missed anyone:

Stacy Delaney (Michigan), 2008-09
Alora Marble (SEMO) 2014
Cheyenne Baxter (Neb-Omaha) 2015-17
Madi Norman (Louisville) 2017-19
Eli Daniel (NAIA) 2018-20
Nalani Scates (CC) 2018-19
Cassie Gasper (D2) 2019
Bailey Koester (MO Baptist) 2019-20
Summer Schockley (CC) 2019-20
Kendal Judge (Minnesota, Ok St) 2020
Sophie Dandola (Hofstra, Syracuse) 2020

Delaney clearly had the most impact at Mizzou. After not pitching much at Michigan her first two years, she excelled here in her junior and senior years and was the best pitcher on the staff both years, which included Chelsea Thomas freshmen season. She went 20-4 as a junior, 2.01 ERA, SO/BB ratio of 178/41. Then as a senior went 16-3, 1.32 ERA, 134/30 SO/BB ratio.

My rankings for best transfer pitchers are:

1. Delaney
2. Norman
3. Daniel
4. Baxter
5. Gasper
6. Everyone else

Norman, Daniel and Baxter are really close and you could arguably put them in any order. Each was different and had their own strengths. Norman improved steadily and was a bulldog her senior season. Daniel never panned out as a stud starter but developed into a lock down short relief pitcher her last two seasons here, and Baxter struggled her first few years and then was money in the SEC season her senior year, winning one huge game after another against elite teams.

Gasper was solid her first year here, not overpowering, but a smart, tough pitcher who won a lot of big games. None of those 4 pitchers was considered really elite, but all played crucial roles during the last few seasons as Mizzou struggled to even make post season play.

Dandola clearly has the talent to break into that top 5 of the best transfer pitchers here. She has 2 more years to do that if she stays that long.

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