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Its hot, why isn’t coronavirus gone as Trump said??

Posted on: July 3, 2020 at 11:54:01 CT
ivan drago MU
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Trump repeatedly said Coronavirus would go away once the weather got hot. We all knew it was BS, and there are more cases than ever.

Does anybody on here think if that was obama that statement wouldn’t be replayed as nauseam?? How many times do we hear “if you like your doc you can keep him” to this day?

Just another example at the pathetically lowered standards from Obama to trump. To think the media narrative wouldn’t be completely different if Obama just ignored coronavirus and everyone was stuck in their homes over 4th of July is to not live in reality. Fox News would be in the heartland interviewing old war veterans who were scared to leave their homes

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Its hot, why isn’t coronavirus gone as Trump said?? - ivan drago MU - 7/3 11:54:01
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     you think the media is biased against libs? (nm) - zoomer 99 - 7/13 12:06:58
     Sorry wrong board nm - ivan drago MU - 7/3 12:08:35
     Because of the rioting, looting negroes. - Emoji Man MSU - 7/3 12:06:40

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