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AAPL AMZN BA, TSLA idiot, go ahead, short each

Posted on: June 29, 2020 at 17:48:29 CT
Macgrantt MU
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fake black, fake investor, real homo, why don't you leave the investing to the adults here, all you can do is pose,

the night is young, maybe a kid can show up that you can show your true homo colors to and be an ahole,

What kind of person has a life goal of appearing, angry,annoying, stupid and irritating on a minor social media platform? Your life space must be filled with such total emptiness. What a loser. You're a waste of oxygen, but I know you've heard that before.
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     Still up 25% from first post re BYND idiot - Macgrantt MU - 6/29 16:19:23
          What are your other picks, MacPussy? I’ll take the opposite - Emoji Man MSU - 6/29 16:29:06
               So that would be, ORNG, NILE, STRATE and EINSTEIN. 😂NM - yy4u MU - 6/30 12:15:54
               AAPL AMZN BA, TSLA idiot, go ahead, short each - Macgrantt MU - 6/29 17:48:29
                    Wow! I really do all those things? And you’re still - Emoji Man MSU - 6/29 18:54:12
                         Macgrantt was a moderator? Nm - yy4u MU - 6/30 12:16:54
                              Love it when your dhs talk to each other. Have ragnar join - Macgrantt MU - 6/30 13:08:27
                                   LOL. You totally pussed out with Ragnar. Your his bltch. - Emoji Man MSU - 6/30 21:17:44
                              Just for a couple days. The people spoke up and said - Emoji Man MSU - 6/30 12:26:24
                                   scan is the only one worth a chit and he aint noprize. Nm - yy4u MU - 6/30 14:39:47
                         Well, idiot, - Macgrantt MU - 6/29 20:06:30
                              I think you’re humiliated. Rightfully so. Who could fvck up - Emoji Man MSU - 6/29 20:11:36
                                   What's obvious you egocentric narcissistic loser - Macgrantt MU - 6/29 20:55:27
                                        I dunno, MacPussy. You'd have to be universally thought of - Emoji Man MSU - 6/29 21:17:03
                    There’s no doubt that MacPussy wept as he typed this. - Emoji Man MSU - 6/29 18:47:13
                         The only thing you're actually good at, is projecting. - Macgrantt MU - 6/29 18:49:21

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