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Mizzou isn't the problem

Posted on: June 29, 2020 at 15:28:35 CT
drfrightner MU
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Missouri Baseball had a top 25 recruiting Class.

Missouri Football is tearing it up right now top 25 Class so far.

Missouri Women's Basketball is on RECRUITING FIRE!

Students want to go to Mizzou what's funny here is not so long ago NO ONE wanted to play baseball or football at Mizzou but people knocked down the door to play basketball at Mizzou.

Mizzou has top 20 basketball facilities, in a state with no NBA team so Mizzou is the basketball team for the entire state. Awesome arena, incredible facilities and a school willing to pay out top 20 money to its coaching staff. Lets also not forget Missouri is producing NBA talent... talent we can't seem to recruit.


Mizzou basketball was named one of the top NCAA basketball brands. I'm sure not so much now... this is a disaster.

I'll give you my take... we hired a St Louis guy probably smart because there is a lot of NBA talent there. But the problem is we hired a guy who stresses DEFENSE.

There isn't a single kid in America who sits around and says to themselves I can get to the NBA if I focus on defense... no they focus on SHOOTING! Who wants to play in a boring defense oriented scheme?

Guys thinking and dreaming about the NBA think SHOOT FIRST ask questions later. Before you fall asleep watching this you come to the conclusion that this team needs a fearless SHOOTER or someone who can DRIVE to the basket. Instead we pass the ball for 44 seconds then shoot.

Unless CM wants to change he will not attract top talent to Mizzou. He got Porter by default that doesn't count, they lived here, their sisters played here, their dad got a job. DUH!

As Janet Jackson once sang... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY. Ahhhh ... NOTHING

Time to change or time to go! We need a recruiting coach with offensive minded style approach to turn this around. Otherwise honestly its time to support the girls team only because they're rocking it with recruiting.

I have to admit I'm a ton more excited about the girls than the guys by a long shot. I could see the woman's program getting to a final four long before the men at this point.
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