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Just Checking to see if...

Posted on: June 28, 2020 at 23:44:02 CT
drfrightner MU
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CM was fired or resigned yet? I have been really busy working and haven't been checking in. Just trying to get an update. We see DRINK recruiting like a bat out of hell and CM still can't recruit, can't coach and keeps losing players at every turn.

Is there any news here did he finally LEAVE! Please tell me he's gone and we hired someone who can actually recruit and coach
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Just Checking to see if... - drfrightner MU - 6/28 23:44:02
     At a minimum, he will be here 2 more years. (nm) - go tigers MU - 6/29 20:45:00
     He was Fired while you were gone for all those things - longtimereader MU - 6/29 15:03:10
     No you're not. You're just trolling as always (nm) - Cosmo MU - 6/29 13:44:37
     Thia is the year, we need to win and we need a decent 2021 - MU-TULSA MU - 6/29 09:38:34
     Shut up (nm) - mizzoutiger91 MU - 6/29 08:39:31
     RE: Just Checking to see if... - HSCoach STL - 6/29 03:18:14
          the jump to respectability needs to happen this season - Jeff85 MU - 6/29 12:55:59
               He does need a good season. - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/29 15:09:00
          I agree with the injury bug but where has the recruiting - tigertix MU - 6/29 09:48:35
               Do we go off of recruiting rankings? - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/29 10:29:08
               Tilmon for sure. Watson may end up a solid player(nm) - Diamond Dave MU - 6/29 10:11:21
                    Neither are all SEC, not even close....nm - tigertix MU - 6/29 11:54:36
          RE: Right on coach!!! This person is a jerk. They're an - 77TIGER MU - 6/29 08:22:24

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