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They're crooks too. Sent a salesman to my office, but I told

Posted on: June 27, 2020 at 00:06:59 CT
JeffB MU
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them I was satisfied with who I had. They guy wanted to see my bill, looked it over & promised he could drop it a fair amount, though I don't remember the figures now. But it came out almost exactly what the other bill had been, perhaps a bit higher.

Then when I moved my office from near Ferguson to St. Charles they wanted to charge me an outrageous price to keep my same number + they wanted to charge me per minute for every incoming call. I figured I could use another line for outgoing calls.

I ended up going with Vonage which let me keep the same number with a lot of additional features for FAR less and no per minute charges for incoming or outgoing calls.

AT&T claimed that since I was still under contract I would pay a huge penalty if I didn't stick with them. The salesman had said it was his birthday & blew out quickly after I signed the agreement & he didn't leave me a copy. When I requested one they sent a copy that was so faded that I couldn't read a word on it.

I ended up asking for their estimate for a new number for another line with them. They said it might vary slightly because local taxes varied and they couldn't guarantee those. The bill came in more than double what they had quoted me. I think it was $85 a month for one line. I got them to lower it to like $66/mo, but later they raised it back again claiming my original contract was over. Great, no more penalties so I dropped them completely, but then got a big bill claiming penalties. They said when they dropped it to $66/mo it started a new contract. I told them to sue me, which they promised to do but I never heard from them.

They are lying scum buckets in the extreme.
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