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Both were great, but I'd go with Booker

Posted on: June 26, 2020 at 16:47:15 CT
Harvest MU
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Booker had two advantages over Denmon:
1) Being a point guard, he was more essential to the offense, and he was a bigger than average point guard in his era, so could guard anybody except maybe the quickest of guards. Denmon was a bit small for a shooting guard, but still an excellent defender.

2) The bigger factor for me is that Booker almost always rose to the occasion in big games, especially his last couple of years. Denmon had some great performance in important games as well, such as the time he scored 9 points in the last couple of minutes to lead to victory over Kansas. But I'd given Booker the edge in being a more consistent outstanding performer when it mattered, if he wasn't hitting outside he could still score by driving the ball and hitting floaters. Denmon occasionally had some cold streaks shooting and that limited him offensively at times. That's why Booker was a conference player of the year and Denmon was not.

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