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Former head coach given 1 yr Show Cause by NCAA

Posted on: June 18, 2020 at 12:21:53 CT
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Former Idaho head coach Don Verlin has received a one-year show cause from the NCAA. He was fired in 2019 after the school self reported the violations. What you may ask, constitutes a Show Cause from the NCAA when you coach at a school like Idaho rather than a name brand program? Nefarious stuff, one even rising to a level 2 violation.


A possible violation involved Brooks Malm, former director of player development, who participated in on-court drills and sideline activities despite being a non-coaching staff member. This participation dated back to the 2017-18 season. Former UI compliance director, Jordan Hall, who first noticed Malm with a whistle during practice in September 2018, met with both Verlin and interim athletic director Pete Isakson in October to discuss the violation.

In December, Hall saw Malm holding play cards during a game, and subsequently met with Verlin again. Malm’s conduct, in part due to its longevity, was classified as a Level II NCAA violation, or a “significant breach of conduct” in the report.

A second possible violation, classified as Level III, referred to prospective student-athletes who participated in different on-campus court activities under supervision of staff members when 2 student athletes participated in scout team walk-throughs during a Montana trip.

The third violation, while classified as Level III, was heavily redacted and does not include which NCAA Bylaw was violated.
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Former head coach given 1 yr Show Cause by NCAA - FIJItiger MU - 6/18 12:21:53
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