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Sports cards as an asset class...

Posted on: June 11, 2020 at 08:36:48 CT
Gyro MU
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Like many here I'm sure, I collected as a kid. Got back in about two years ago and have done really well buying graded cards.

I use a resource which indexes card values based on the most recent Ebay sales data.

Have seen some very nice returns as more and more traditional investor money has entered the space.

The space has become a popular transition spot for other Ebay flipper types that sell things like shoes because of the reduced shipping costs, increased availability of stock and liquidity.

Unlike when we were kids that card you own that's "worth" $50 can now actually fetch $50 and quickly, online.

It's a bit like the Wild West right now as what has always been a hobby gains more serious non-emotional money.

TBIM if you have any questions...
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